A sleek, convenient tool that helps you tighten-up your bike fasteners on the fly. With The Path Wrench in your hands, in your pocket or attached to your bike, you can keep the adventure going.

FIX it on the FLY


Loose components on a bike create instability and are just annoying.


Use the hex feature to drive bits! This hex is designed so that the bit won't fall through.


Common bicycle fastener bits and a sly magnetic strip to hold them in place.


Path Wrench helps you get where you’re going with confidence. 

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Man Holding Bicycle

It’s time to “set it and forget it!”

Stop suffering through clunky bike rides encumbered by loose parts and pieces. The Path Wrench is a perfect 6-in-1 tool for the active minimalist who wants to get where they’re going hassle-free.



  • Dual Straps Allow You to Attach to Water Bottle Cage 

  • Designed to Fit in Your Pocket, or On Your Bike

  • Magnetic Strip to Hold Bits in Place

  • Selected the 4 Most Common Bits for Adjustment and Tightening (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and Phillips)

  • Sleek and Simple Design that Feels Comfortable in Your Hands

  • Confidently Take Bikes for a Ride Knowing You Can Make Adjustments and Tighten Loose Components on the Path

  • Hardened Steel Bits Made in USA

  • Stainless Steel Design

  • Laser Cut Precision

  • Tough Canvas

  • LOCALLY SOURCED to Maintain High Standards of Quality and Ethics




A great gift idea for anyone with a bike!